Hello everyone and thank you for visting our website! This summer has exceeded our volume expectations by far! Thank you all for your inquiries and patience. Matsell’s Home Improvement would like to update customers who are in need of estimates for your home or business. Due to the work load there are certain projects we are unable to accept at this time. If you are waiting for your estimate, we are working as fast as possible to get them all out in an orderly fashion.

Our Roof Maintenance Program (RMP) is  coming up soon! So if you have any roof leak, or small roof repair, please visit our Roof Maintenance Program tab from the home screen. If signed up for this service we can make an appointment for a quote on a yearly price (starts at $150 for manufactured homes). If you have additional repairs, we can assess them at your estimate appointment and repair them at the time of  your RMP service. Small repair work will only be accepted if you decide to enroll in the Roof Maintenance Program.

We sincerely apologize for any delays. Everyone at Matsell’s is working very diligently to get to every inquiry and need. Thank you again for your understanding and patience.

Tillamook Home Improvement